How To Do Damage Over Time?

I have a gas projectile that I would like to have explode and do damage over time in the gas cloud it creates. I’ve tried “Projectile Life”–>“Post Explosion Keep Alive Life Span”–> I’ve changed explosion damage types and can’t seem to figure it out. Does anyone have a mod where there impact damage or explosion damage does DOT? Thank you.


I don´t know how it is done exactly with a projectile fired by a weapon, but I learned how to do AoE-Effects by looking at the poison grenade. Maybe this will help you too.

If you create an Emitter BP and set a Buff that is given to all Victims inside the defined area (“AOEOther Buff to Apply” and AOEBuff Range"), you need to connect this BP as “Explosion Emitter” at the Projectile BP. For the Emitter BP you can use a copy of the Effect from the poison grenade as template and change it to your needs. At the Buff BP you then can define all the settings, you want (Damage, Duration, if the Buff only can be added once, adding the Buff again should reset the Duration or maybe the remaining duration should be increased)

Hope this will help you.