How To do Camera Rotation Clamping with Cushioned stop?

I am building an infinite runner flying game for which I need to clamp the camera with 30 degrees of 0.
I already have the clamp on my 3rd person camera in blueprints (see pic).

The problem I am having is that the camera clamp stop is really sudden and jarring. when the camera hits its 30 degree rotation, it feels as though it just hits a wall.

Can someone help me figure out how to cushion the last 5 degrees before the camera clamp sets in?
Also, it only needs to cushion on the way in not on the way out. I don’t want the camera to feel like it’s putting out of something sticky.

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Instead of clamping you could try passing the rotation angle through a curve and adjust it there as needed.

(Not sure what you’re after, but you could also pass the axis value through the curve instead.)

Also, it is recommended that you scale your axis value by the world delta time to mitigate the effect of framerate over your input.

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