How to do an infinite map 2d scroller?

Hey guys, im new in this of developing games and im already in a project and with help of the tutorials of unreal i have advanced a little, i have a 2D character, i can jump, run crouch and other things, i want to do something like a infinite map, ie i run and jump and some enviroment is changing with some parameters, how i can start to do this? sorry for my bad english guys, hope you can help me to start. thanks.:wink:

You actually dont do that. What 2d side scroller maps normally do, its to never actually move the player, they just move the environment. What you can try in ue4, is to teleport the character back. think you have sections A-B-C-D on a level. When you get to section C, then section A is morped to section D, and section B its morphed to section E once the player reaches D. You make sure the player its in the middle or the beggining of section D when you teleport him back. If you do that carefully, it can look like its infinite, but of course, you need to sync the beggining with the end of the “map” so it is exactly the same so it doesnt change when you teleport the character back. This teleporting would be the exact same thing that mario 64 does in its famous infinite stairs.

You can make it so that the levels have segments like so: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Then stream the segments in as necessary (ie. 10000 points = load ending segment in next segment to end that run).

This way you make it so there are X± segments, you want to have the levels ascend upwards (or downwards) you need Y± segments.

If you cant go backwards (like SMB1) you can dump segment 1 when it has fully left the screen however it can cause a few errors (powerups, monsters falling into the abyss) its better to do it on a 4 segment role (or 3)
of 1-2-3 into 2-3-1 into 3-1-2 that way you should be able to hold the level data in memory and dump the non required things such as powerups, monsters, positions and misc stuff.