How to do an animated camera shake (head bob)?

I can only find tutorials with procedural oscillation with CameraShakeMatinee class, but I need animated shake which uses premade animation. I couldn’t find any info about it, but I was able do do an animated shake with new CameraShakeSequence class. However the animation only plays once and I can’t find a way to loop it


You can put a bone in your first person arms mesh that is meant for the head, animate it, then attach the camera to the bone. That way, the camera always follows the head and works with premade animation. You could also only copy the rotation of the head bone so you don’t have to worry about the camera moving out of place.

I don’t have arms for my character. But I guess skeleton is the only option here

I was assuming you had arms, but since you don’t, you can also use a timeline, or an animation blueprint. There’s many ways to go about it.

So timelines can be an animation for non-skeletal object? I thought Unreal is pretty strict about animations. Some Unreal’s logic is still mystery to me