How to do a Starcraft 2 style camera for incoming transmissions Picture in Picture

Anyone know how this is achieved? to mask out a certain area of the screen and have a aim at a character elsewhere?

UE4 don’t have proper solution for this as i know, there few ways you might emulate this but either they not perfect ot require lower level C++ coding

1.Scene Capture 2D, but this was made for reflection not this kind of use Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

2.Slate and UMG have Viewport widget, but not sure if it works aspecially outside editor, maybe it’s worth a try, Slate version should work the best

3.There mesh widget, but it not not in UMG and it definitely can’t animate and apply lighting. SMeshWidget | Unreal Engine Documentation

4.And finally most lower level solution and you can make Slate widget that draw custom vertexes, this will let you animate but still you wont get any lightning. This requires way more work then 3 above solutions, because you would need to create entire animation system and read mashes and set vertexes on your own.

I guess I’ll try going through all of these and see which I can get away with.
Will probably have to fake it in some way