How to do a custom texture?

Hey guys! I’m new to unreal, I understand how to place shapes and block out. Next thing I want to do is texturing. However I want to texture more than just grass and concrete like I see in most tutorials. I’m looking to make a custom floor, like what you’d see in a MMA gym for example like floors that are matted or have lines on them. Could anyone direct me to any resources so I can learn this? Thank you!

  1. Purchase Photoshop (or another drawing tool)
  2. Draw texture maps
  3. Import maps into Unreal (there also exists some direct link plugins I think?)

It’s really that easy!

You should google “PBR texturing for beginners” or “Basics of PBR texturing”… something along those lines.
There are plenty of tutorials on youtube and whatnot. As well as free software for texturing.

There are variety of options for how you gonna approach texturing. Hand-painted texture, or procedural, or baked.
You should also learn about creating normal maps if you want your texture to not look flat.

You could use Substance Painter / Substance Designer, or Quixel Mixer, or something else entirely.

Or, if you want stylized / cartoony texture you could, as mentioned already, just use photoshop and paint away.

Quixel Megascans is also worth looking at for some existing examples, in case you werent familiar with it. Simple Google search should show you more about it.

Thanks everyone for the info! Started to get the hang of making textures within quixel mixer.

Thanks for the info! Would you have any idea how or where I’d learn how to make the texture the correct size for the geometry? I’m using quixel mixer and I’m not sure if I could just import that geometry piece within unreal to quixel. Texture it and bring it back?

You can export a model from unreal and load it into quixel mixer. After you done texturing, export textures from mixer, import them into unreal, and create a material with these textures. Then apply that material to the model you initially exported.