How to do a camera transition?

Hey! I’m working on the third person template and trying to do some cool camera transitions like the once done in The Last of US and Tomb Raider. The transition or change in the location and rotation of the camera generally takes place during the combat scenes.

The Last of Us example at 0:32 sec where the camera goes from behind the player to his side with a smooth transition

I’ve tried using the method shown here

where the camera is toggled between two locations. So, I tried this concept something like this

Please Help. Thank You.

And did this not work? What happened?

It just changed the location to somewhere inside of the player and without any smooth transition, just snaps to a location where I can’t even see the player. Maybe because it is attached to the camera boom or the spring arm component. I don’t know.

I’ve also tried doing this

And it gives me some random locations around the player, god knows where.

Have you try to use a timeline to slide / rotate your camera ?

Hey Guys! I got what I wanted through a lot of tweaking…

Thanks Fen, timeline did the job and also this solution by Wes Bunn helped a lot.

Its still not smooth enough…a bit jerky when goes back to its original position during the second timeline. And also if I do the single transition, i.e, from the main camera to the side one the camera rotates in all sorts of direction.