How to do a barrel roll in blue print?

Hello everyone! So I have been working on a top down shooter and I have been trying figure out how to make my ship do a barrel roll when I hit the E key. Attached below is my movement script in blueprint. The InputAxis_Rotate refers to the ship tilting a bit when it moves left and right. So all you Peppy’s out there, how do I do a barrel roll? lol

Thank you all in advance!

Hey there MiniB, I hope this helps.

What I’ve done here is simply got the rotation of the actor (Using the Flying Blueprint)
Split the actors rotation, Grabbed the Yaw and plugged it into a Timeline.

Then I added a “Float” track, Made the first keyframe 0 Time and 0 Value, Added a second keyframe with 2 Seconds for time, and 360 for the value, Then highlighted them both and just auto interp between them.

Went back to the Event Graph and added a “Set Actor Rotation” Broke the Rotation input then added the previous “Get Actor Rotation”'s Pitch and Yaw, Added the Barrel Roll Timeline to it, Connected up the execution noodles and it’s finished.

Sweet! I will try this out when I get home and let you know if it works or not :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll look forward to seeing what you end up with, Also a little side note is that the way I’ve done it is very noob’ish and bare-bones, Might be a fare few kinks you’ll need to work out.

I ran into a bit of a problem. My Set Actor Rotation doesn’t have the 3 green hook ups for the nodes.

Ok so here is my blueprint and it works great :smiley: Thank you very much!!