How to divide input axis?

It is simple that each input axis have two type of value, +X/-X or +Y/-Y. How can we divide this input axis in blueprint? I want to use positive and negative axis value separately. Does any body know how to do this?

If i understand the question correctly. Just use a Branch node that checks if it is greater than 0, if it is, its positive, if it isnt its 0 or negative.

Hi, thanks for replying. But when I try to attach branch node to axis value it shows it is not compatible with float. Can you please show me screenshot or tell me the steps?

You need to create an > Node and attach it to the Axis Value, it will return a boolean which is what a Branch requires.

Hi, thanks. But the next step is how can I use this with movement input. The thing is I want to make a variable for the negative value, which will help me to set different animation for negative value. But when I try to compile it shows error. Here is the screenshot.

Use a sequence node to help control the flow of your blueprints.

Thank you a lot. I will try further if I can do the rest. As my objective was simple. I want to set two different animation for forward movement and backward movement.

You should check out this episode in an Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series.