How to distribute a project without distributing market place tools?

Hi all… I have a situation where I need to create a map and share my Unreal project with another developer company. In fact ultimately, the entire project will be made publicly available. In my map I’ve used a 3rd party tool to help create an outdoor environment. Hills, vegetation, water, etc.

I’m trying to figure out how I can export my map into a new project WITHOUT exposing the 3rd party tool and all it’s proprietary functionality. Basically, just the terrain with the textures and the vegetation (meshes) and the materials.

I tried the steps of creating a secondary project that was the same type. Then migrating my map to this new project. This worked to help reduce how big the project is by not migrating stuff not being used, however, I’m still seeing the 3rd party tools folder.

Is there not a way to somehow “bake” the terrain/landscape with the textures export/migrate that to a new project without the 3rd party tools coming with?

So basically, that’s what I really need. Export the “landscape” itself with the textures, plants and water.

@RickBlacker I think this may not be possible. Basically if there’s a dependency, UE will put the 3rd party tools in the package. The only way to remove them is to remove the dependency, which you certainly can’t with the landscapes and water I’m thinking about / have used.

It’s hard to say without knowing what kind of tools/assets your trying to get rid of. If you’re using a third party landscape material or textures, then it’s completely impossible without removing those assets from your scene. You cannot bake the textures into the landscape because the material is required in order to render.
Basically your scene is referencing the tools because something in the scene is using them. If you remove that, then it should work.

First I’m no lawyer so if it matters hire one. :wink:

You can not release an un-cooked project with marketplace assets so if the plan is to release a free project using commercial assets that’s a no go.


You can share assets with others who are part of the development of the project. The work around for this is usually written into the NDA belong to the company or development team providing the working assets.