How to display widget when you hover your mouse

So I am trying to make when you hover an object a widget text would appear and when your no longer hovering that the widget would dissapear. I have managed to do the first part like this

But I didn’t find a way how to remove the widget. (i have another example how to add a sphere and on begin/end overlaps it works great, but I want to make it visible only when your crosshair is on the target)
Any ideas? Thank you in advance

Edit: i have tried toggle visibility but since my tracechannel is on a tick the widget constantly blinks.


Here’s what it does when you are no longer hovering the item.
But it doesn’t set it back invisible and I get this error. Any ideas?

Found one way how to do it so I will atleast share this now since nobody answered. This only works if you promote ammobox to a variable. Not sure if this is really bad or not but using “is valid” i managed to get rid of previous errors.

The reason why the first version doesn’t work is because when the cast is invalid, so is the pin. The way you’re doing it now obviously works, but you could also handle this in a variety of other ways too.

Oh okey, i was even simulating and saw that it reaches the end but wouldnt activate it. I’ve already build some things on this and now when I move my crosshair between two objects without breaking the hit component it leaves the first widget visible. but will try to think of smth