how to display widget after destroying 7 actors as an objective?

Hey there, i currently have 7 “Spider nests” in my level that the player has to destroy in order to complete the mission, i wish to make a blueprint that will register once all the “Nests” have been destroyed and will stop the game displaying a mission complete widget screen. if anyone can give me a quick step process on how to do this i would much appreciate it asap as it’s fro my uni deadline tomorrow.

I’d make an empty blueprint which will keep track of how many spiders nest you destroyed let’s name it NestMissionWatcher Inside it we’ll add this event:

After you complete the mission you can inform the character which could update the widget if he has its reference.

In the SpidersNest blueprint you’ll need a reference to the NestMissionWatcher so we’ll create a variable of that type and set it as public and expose on spawn.


Place the NestMissionWatcher now if you select your SpidersNest you now have a variable which you can set it to the NestMissionWatcher that you placed.

Finally in your SpidersNest BP you can add the Event End Play which is called when the actor is destroyed, in this event we’ll notify the NestMissionWatcher that a nest has been destroyed.