How to display savegame data in a list, and load save from that list?

I’m implementing a simple save/load game functionality, and this is what I have so far:

It does display the correct number of save game entries, but there’s no data on them, and they don’t do anything. This is what it looks right now:

Screenshot 2021-04-23 165239

So how do I retrieve data from each entry, to display on those buttons?

Here’s a small update, I’ve added functionality to save a user input string as savegame name, so it can be displayed in the savegame list later, but I still can’t dynamically generate a list of savegame entries, my issue persists.

I have a loop to add children to the savegame list, but I can’t get or send savegame ID to that widget to retrieve the savegame name from each different entry

How can I do so?

There are many, may ways of piping the data into the widget.

Have a custom event in the widget taking your save game data (or just variables that you need):


And call it after creating the widget:


Alternatively, expose the save game (or pertinent data) in the widget:

Use the extra node pin to pipe in the data.


The widget can configure itself using it.

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I used the exposed variable and it works great, thank you

now, I wanted to do the opposite and from the child widget button, send a custom event to my main widget to load a save, however it won’t work.

any workarounds?

Create a dispatcher with Save Data input and call it onClick above. When the main widget creates save game widgets, bind their calls.

And that’s not even a workaround, that’s like the proper way to do it.