How to display needs (hunger, thirst, etc) percentages in text on HUD?

I know how to display text based on a widget such as a progress bar. However, I am looking to change text in an image based on the value of the need, without something such as a progress bar. Attached is a snip of the images I a, using. The text boxes are to the right of the icons within the circle images.

Thanks in advance!

You could place some text fields in there and bind their values to whatever you need to. Is that what you mean?

The question is a little bit hard to understand but I’ll try my best to understand what you meant.

I would go on about this by making a Widget that will be used by these five needs, since I believe the behavior of these needs will behave similarly (e.g. below a certain value, the text or images will start blinking red).

This widget would have an Image that will be Instance-editable so that you change the image only but the logic will remain the same to avoid duplicated code for these five needs.

In this widget, I would have the image on the left, and a Text block on the Right.
Inside the widget blueprint, I would make a Function that asks for a Input float (a percentage) and processes this input to output it as a percentage text to the Text block and also checks whether this percentage follows below a certain margin (e.g. 20%) in which case the image will start blinking red or some cool effect.

Once you make this widget, you place 5 of them in your Main Widget and just change the image from within the editor and update them by calling the function we made inside this widget that takes in a percentage value.

I do not know if that was what you were looking for, or something else. Let me know what you think!

this question is a duplicate of the one linked below.