How to display minimaps properly?

Hi there.
I’m wondering if any of you guys could solve me this.

Let’s say I have this random minimap I have to represent the map I’m currently in (The star being the position the player begins at) but I cannot display the whole thing at once because after all, it’s a “mini”-map. How do you know how much to scale the map picture or how to place the player position in the minimap?

Example minimap:


Example of how I’d like it to look like in-game:


That would depend on how you are generating the actual map for your minimap but if you are using a camera with a render to texture just adjust the camera height would be the simplest method wouldn’t it?

Figuring out the position of where to place the player icon on the minimap is simple, just get the player’s actual position from the map’s (0, 0, 0) point, and apply the same player icon position in the minimap, but divide it by the minimap scale compared to the actual map size. So if the player is located at (20, 90, 0) in a map that is (500, 500, 500), and the minimap’s scale is .05, then the player’s minimap icon location from the minimap should be at (1, 4.5, 0).

Honestly, that’s a pretty crappy and tasteless way to go about it in my opinion. I’ve tried it already, but it doesn’t suit my needs.

I see, so it’s a matter of adjusting the scale of the minimap to the real map.