How to display messages to the player

How can I display a message in Unreal Engine 4 the only way I know how to display messages is print string but i cannot use it as it disappears in a very quick time and it looks visually bad I want to display a message which is quite long and I control how long it takes and I choose its shape and look, is there any quick way to do because I want to do it for the subtitles and for the information and for many stuff and it would be extremely difficult to do with a hud message

I would create a new WidgetBP (or use an existing one), add a Textbox and make it a Variable.
You can set the Text of this TextBox to whatever you want

Like This


I thought that is what i would do, but that widget is the ingame hud right, the one the player will be seeing the entire gameplay

What I showed you is an UMG Widget but there is something else called Hud that is not quite the same. I actually wouldn’t use it but here’s a Link anyway.

In this Link you’ll find everything you need to know about UMG Widgets.
If you like videos more, search for “ue4 umg” on Youtube.

you can use events to show and hide widgets :slight_smile:

How can i do that through the HUD blueprint?

yep, i’d say the same, create a widget blueprint with a text variable that you can set with the text you want, you can then dynamically set the widget visible/hidden whenever you want… Can also give the widget a nice border and background…