How to display highres panoramas with maximum quality


Right now, I’m making a GearVR app for a bunch of archvis panorama renders, and the most frustrating thing is, that I can’t get close to the level of quality you can see inside Oculus 360photo or Unity.
With trial and error I’ve found out, that 4k panorama works okay - no serious aliasing, no artefacts. But, I need 8k, or something that’ll look close to it in terms of quality. 4k is too blurry (both downscaling with photoshop or using mip bias with various mip filters), and 8k is aliasing like hell.

Use full precision in material is set.

Compression settings is UserInterface2D (and it really make a difference with gradients! So nice. Heavy though, but my project isn’t that big to be a problem)

Compression Quality is Highest.

Texture Group is UI

Filter is Tri-Linear.

Mips are disabled.

Screen Percentage is 100 (tried to set higher, it kinda improves a bit, but it’s quite laggy. 200 looks like okay choice, but aliasing is still horrible. And since I’m using lots of expensive effects, like soft transition in the dynamic material, that could be the last drop of videomemory squeezed)

So, is there any way to do it(without delving into render source code)?

Here is how it looks in 360photo:

Here is my Unreal project:

Don’t mind those ugly widgets, those things I know how to fix. Pay attention on linear details, like those masts, or planks. It looks awful, and it’s worse “live” - every pixel is crawly.

I guess, the only viable solution is to use Screen Percentage around 200-230.
Made an ingame slider that changes this value, and it kinda works… But strangely. On windows standalone/build it behaves as expected(on vive). On Android it does weird stuff with the right eye - when you change this value you get a random chance the right eye will black out, or begin to flicker. If you change value again, there will be chance it’ll repair itself. After 250 flickering is occuring 100% of times and if you go back, it won’t stop.

I hope it’ll be fixed in 19 with the new pixel density system. Haven’t checked it yet.

Hi Allottho,

did you find some other solution ? I am also trying to do panorama viewer with quality like Samsung VR app with 8k images but all looks terrible. I tried 4.19 with vr.pixel density set to 1.419 and it looks I think better but material for viewing stereo images not working. Need to wait for final release.
Are you using sphere with material setup like in this tutorial for viewing streo images?

Huh, never tried that in 19. That’s concerning. In older versions changing screen percentage didn’t affect that shader.

Don’t forget to set ‘Mobile → Use Full Precision’ on the material.

Indeed, that’s important. I mentioned in the post, that I did, though. So that’s not it.

My understanding of it, is that’s this is a typical example of moire effect, and you have to match pixel and texel density to correct proportion, so it won’t interfere. What is this correct proportion? I guess you’ll have to delve into high level math. Or just guess the supersampling multiplier like I did.