How to display diffrent widget for every Character

So i want to make a simple FPS but when i create a widget for another Character it just displays it over the widget from previuos character i was making.I just cant figure out how to have 1 widget for 1 character.

This is how i set it up for the first Character but i cant do the same in the secend one beacuse it will just be one over the other.If anyone has any idea how to do this i would appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance

Sounds like both characters are sharing the same blueprint class. It also looks like you want for example, player 1 to have their own score widget, and so on.

If both assumptions are true, then you’d want to use the “Add to Player Screen” blueprint node instead of the “Add to Viewport” node. That way, Player 1 will have a different score widget from Player 2, and so on.

Hope that helps you.

Yes thats what i meant but it doesnt seem to solve the problem i have. It still does the same thing.
Maybe it has to do something with ZOrder?
Here is first and second character

I promoted both into variable but its still the same.

You’ll need to specify “Owning Player” so unreal can tell which player the widget belongs to. Try that and let’s see if it works.

Try using “Get Controller” instead of “Get Player Controller”. I suspect both instances of the player pawn are using the same value for the “Index” input in your “Get Player Controller”.

Forgot to mention, you’ll need to cast the controller to a player controller before plugging it into the “Owning Player” slot

Also tryed getting the player controller but doesnt work still

When i am using Get Controller i cant plug it in to the Owning Player and i made indexes diffrent but still not working

Did it but still nothing happends its still the same

Screen is not split.And the possession i currently change in the gamemode blue print.Thank for trying atleast i will try some other stuff to see if it works.

Sorry then, I can’t offer any further suggestions without seeing what’s going on in the project. My best guess is that somehow, they both have the same controller or screen space. If you can share more information about how the characters are being possessed and how the screen is being split among the players, someone might be able to help.