How to display and disappear an image after an event

Hello there,
I’m completely new to unreal and I’m now tackling the UI part of a small project
We’re going to recreate Pac-Man UI

In Pac-Man, lives are displayed in bottom left of the screen (done) but the player gets and extra life after reaching 10000 points (done) and uses a life to respawn. so if player has 2 lives and he dies life counter goes to 1. how can I achieve that? Should I place 6 images in the widget and just torn them on/off on a trigger? even so, what’s the best way to do that?

In your main widget create a horizontal box where you want your health to be. now create a new widget that has just an image of the heart. Back on the main widget you can “CreateWidget” and add it to the child of the horizontal box to add health. When you want to reduce a health you can just “GetAllChildren” of the Horizontal box and get the latest index from the output array and do a remove from parent for that item. this will remove a Heart widget from that horizontal box