How to display an Image Plane in front of a background (Image Plate / foreground)


I’m struggling with a “simple” standard task:
I need a foreground image displayed in front of the background, wherever I point my camera.

  • I tried an old plugin “ImagePlate”, but I can’t add “ImagePlate” to the active camera in the Mastersequence.
    The menu item isn’t available, despite the plugin is activated and I could create a “FileSequenceTrack” (without the ability to watch it)

  • I would rather prefer a simpler solution, something that does not need any sequences, but is tied to the camera as known from Maya. It is only needed a static image, blended with an alpha channel.

  • I have also imported a simple plane and mapped it with an image and parented it under the camera. The colors show up completely wrong. I had to turn sRGB off (but it is sRGB) in order not to get the dark tones completely black, no matter how much the brightness of the input picture is increased. It shows up now contrasty and washed out, which has maybe to do with postprocessing (I still did not check, but anyway I need the picture “shown as it is” regardless of any postprocessing adjustments.

Thanks for help and thoughts on this!

I have the same issue. Does anyone have any solution for this?
Maybe it’s because of the image format? I got my image from this clipart library. They provide pictures in JPG format 4920x2768 pixels. Maybe their images are not suitable for this task and I need to contact support?