How to Display AI Path during Gameplay.

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out how to display the AI path on screen. I am using the top down blueprint template and I want the path to display when I click the location the character needs to go to. Similarly to this example here :

Or this:

I want the path to avoid obstacles and be the actual path the character is taking. I know the Draw Debug Line works, but it just draws a straight line to the point rather than navigating around obstacles to the point. Any recommendations?

Thank You

For my project i have AI following a series of waypoints. I just created a dummy ‘marker’ actor (its just a coloured sphere) and at the press of a key it cycles through the ai’s waypoint array putting a marker at each spot.

For that second example you showed, you could probably achieve that effect with a beam emitter? Spawn a series of beam emitters, setting the source/target of each beam to the points along the path.

I create a spline mesh that uses the points from “find path to location synchronously”

Yeah, I sent the same question to the guy that created the second video link and he sent me the file. He ended up using the find path to location synchronously node as well with a spline.

Thank you guys for the quick response and ideas!

Would be great to see the blueprint for that if you don’t mind posting it up. I would be interested to see how he does things compared to mine, I am starting to hit performance issues once I have a highly complicated maze in my tower defense setup