How to display a Variable definde inside MyPlayer in UMG UI

I have a very basic problem with displaying a custom variable defined in My Player in a umg UI Widget. I have done everything like they do in this tutorial UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation with the current_ammo. With current_ammo it works but with my custom variable assigned to an other text element noting is displayed. Any idea what i may have been missing? Could anybody please point out how to display a variable in the UI, it can’t be so hard i believe;)

The two things i would check first is if a part of the widget is hidden (text itself or box or wrapped. Then i would print string variable in character to see if it is ok. In case of this not solve your issue, please, add a pic of both character and umg, then we can try to help you to find where is the trouble.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have found a solution. I have put my textblock inside a box element and now it is displaying my variable. I m not sure why? Do you have an idea?

Without a look at bp, no idea :stuck_out_tongue: but eh it works ! grtz

If on my screen, this is my binding to get data from character




If I spawn a 3D widget, i use this. the widget is 4 sided, so copied 3 more times. these are collapsed nodes so ignore input and output. Sorry about graphics with ingame.





it is looking like the element wasnt on the screen, i might have a look at how positioning elements in umg works;)

Remember to anchor


I have re-sized my gameview during play and in fact the textblox that wasnt in a horizontal box(the red marked) was out of the screen;) the blue marked was displayd as expected.

Did you anchor? Original Widgets unless custom is 100x100, select custom.


But when you call a widget, it defaults to 500x500.


EDIT: It does not have to be in a Horizontal Box, I do not use them


Thank you very much. The strange thing is that in an other project where i want to do the same, the text still disappears as soon as i add a binding, without binding the text is displayed. Dose Text Bindings have an influence on the position?

The reference to the screen size.

Can you do me a favour. Open your widget and click on custom. Check the widget size.


the widget size was in fact to smal, Thank you. But in the other Project i just used the wrong reference, player character instead of player controller(the variable is in player controller in this project, because im using kind of a free camera without a character) :wink: but anyway thank you very much!