How to display a projectile path?

Hi there, I am currently developing a project where my character is launched with a specific velocity in a faced direction (so all the location values they will travel through are attainable), but I would like the ability to draw this projectile path before the launch so the user can see the movement they will travel. Is there any way to draw a line/path of the movement before the character moves?

I think this is accomplished in a number of ways and you have two challenges:

  1. getting the trajectory
  2. drawing a representation of it

Getting a trajectory could be handled by calculating the trajectory with some medium level Math:

Using this you can calculate a point at any time but assumes you have no drag/air resistance.

Alternatively i know some engines/games have used a 1-frame physics calculation to go ahead and simulate where their projectile will go. this is more accurate but more expensive and I think requires c++ if it is possible.

Once you have that settled you can move on to what you want it to look like which will then directly drive how you accomplish that look.