How to display a money count as integer in Widget Blueprint?

I’m quite new to Unreal Engine and have yet to figure out exactly how all these blueprints work.

My goal is to have an integer, which will present the player’s available money, be displayed on the upper left hand of the screen. I know this involves having a widget blueprint, but so far I have not being able to translate an integer to text. This integer will be changing at every second of the game, so it absolutely needs to be a variable.

I have tried going through the tutorial for health and ammo provided on the Unreal database, but they utilise a first person controller. I don’t have a movable controller because my game will be an RTS. I tried to adapt what they were doing to my own project, but it didn’t work out.

So far, I have a widget blueprint and a class blueprint called BP_money with an integer Money set to 130.

If anyone has any ressources on how to deal with variables, I would greatly appreciate it.

It doesnt have to be a first or third person character to do this. You must be using some sort of pawn in your project so you can use that pawn BP to store the money integer. Then in widget BP get player pawn > cast to yourplayerpawnBP > Get money integer > drag from this integer and attach it to widget’s text variable to Set it; it will automatically be converted from integer to text.


Follow this tutorial and you will learn how to implement that and much more:

Good studies!

I had not found this particular tutorial series, thank you very much! I’ll get on that as quickly as I can.

Thank you for the advice. I had not understood the role of a pawn and didn’t even think of trying to implement one. I will be trying this out!