How to displace in UE5 with textures?

since in UE 5 the tesselation feature in the materials are gone, i wonder how i can displace my geometry via textures now. Nanite is ok, but for example when i have a broken wooden floor, i don´t want to import a millionpoly plane ready displaced into ue. I want it to displace on rendertime in the engine. No way to do this now? Must i really displace my geo in a 3d app and import this highmesh into UE?

Unfortunately, it does seem Nanite is the only way to go now. Or perhaps parallax occlusion?


Yes. Just make modular pieces and you’ll be fine.

You should get better performance using Nanite over tessellation/displacement since you can enable Nanite on almost everything, plus Nanite has no perceivable detail loss at any distance.

Only downside really is that you can’t deform a Nanite enabled SM, but it shouldn’t be an issue if your structure is made up of modular pieces.

Right now you might have an overdraw problem with the Nanite enabled wood planks. Even then it’s still a better option.

Dear Epic please return Tessellation - Give users to choice Use Nanite or Tessellation! +1 to Tessellation


What happens if you have an ‘old’ but outstanding wuality assets, which was using tessellation to have awesome details?

Come on!