How to disallow player passing through cable component

Hi everyone! I’m creating a museum level in my game, and I want to use cable components for those velvet rope barriers that keep guests away from exhibits (I want to use cable components because I’d like to have the ability to detach one of the ends in-game and have it fall to the ground). But right now, my player character moves right through the cable. The cable reacts slightly to the player running into it, and that’s totally fine,but if the player keeps walking, it will pass right through the cable component. How can I prevent the player from passing through the cable?


Cables’ collision is not great. You can’t use it to block the character.

You’ll have to add a Blocking Volume where all the cables are. Then, when a cable is detached, you either destroy the respective Blocking Volume, or you set its Collision Response to ignore pawn (in case you’ll have to enable the collision back at some point).

Ahhh, great solution! Thank you!