How to disable UDK exception?

When I start the UDK in “DebugGame Editor” mode from Visual I get a lot of interruption messages like “UE4Editor.exe has triggered a breakpoint.”. Clicking “Continue” in every few seconds is very annoying.

Is there any option to switch off this exception?

You need to fix whatever is causing those exceptions, not ignore them.

Is it really my fault? I noticed that the message appears when I move the mouse over any blueprint node in editor. But programm does not crash. If I hit “Continue” it continues to run well until next break. Therefore I am not able even to move event graph in blueprint when running “DebugGame” mode.

I didn’t say it was your fault, it may be an engine/editor bug, but those exceptions are not normal and shouldn’t be ignored. Next time you get one press Break instead of Continue and check the Call Stack window in VS to see where the exception originated from, and the Output window in VS for any additional info about the exception.