How to disable transform when ctrl is pressed

Hi. im having a problem with selecting objects. in my scene have to select multiple objects to copy and transform all together. the problem is that it accidentally transforms (very little) while selecting thos objects. (holding ctrl). i even tried to increase the snaps and activate so that whenever i click and maybe accidentally dragged a very little bit, it wont transform. but its still there. the moment im done selecting and copying. as i check in the orthographic viewports, the objects are moved and not aligned as they originally were. i also tried activating rotate instead of move while selecting. and my rotate is set to snap to 10 degrees. but still, after i copy, the objects’ rotation suddenly turned from what it originally is to something plus or minus 0.995654656 (not exactly but something very little like that). i think this is a very simple matter but it affects the editing largely. Is there a button here like in 3ds max wherein it will only select instead of “select and transform”? or if i uncheck “show transform widget” while selecting, will it prevent it from transforming while clicking on them and pressing ctrl? and one last thing. If my last question was true, is there a shortcut key for that. its kind of tedious to have to click up on the settings and check/uncheck everytime i select objects. thank you very much!

maybe try selecting things in your scene using the outliner instead?

Hello there,

You can change your Key Bindings from your Project Settings to something else.
For example, under “Move Tool Controls (Perspective Viewports Only)” section there are few set-ups to use Ctrl + mouse + Drag. Simply unbound those options and you wont have to deal with this frustration ever again.

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Estou passando pela mesma dificuldade descrita nesse tópico. Sua solução é boa, mas tentei fazer o Unbind dessa opção (Ctrl + LMB + Drag) mas não encontrei essa possibilidade em nenhum lugar. Pesquisei detalhadamente em “Editor Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts” e em todos os menus semelhantes. Não encontrei a opção de editar esse comando (Ctrl + LMB + Drag).

A solução que melhor me atendeu foi usar o botão Shift ao invés de Ctrl