How to disable swarm????

Not sure where to post this…

SO how do you disable swarm? It crashes my computer every time I run a build. I have no internet access on the dev machine.

Easiest option would be to just use LPV.
Or you could get back on whatever machine you do have net access on and grab the Nvidia VXGI branch or get the master branch for DFGI and hope it’s stable enough (I doubt it).

Just out of interest you aren’t just building too much lighting for your PC to handle?
Crashing because of no internet sounds a bit iffy but I don’t know.

Swarm is also used to build lighting locally and does not require internet access.

If it is crashing you probably have either a very complex level, insufficient hardware or you have encountered a bug. Can you supply more information about the crash? (When does it crash, do you have a log file, etc.)

Switching to a dynamic lighting solution such as Xerithas suggests could also be a solution to bypass lightmass and swarm, but you would loose all of the benefits of static lighting, so I would first try to solve your issue first.

Sorry I am just starting out. I have version 4.5 running on I54460 8gigram and 2 gig amd. I was just playing around with 3rd person template an added an extra light. The default 3rd person character is also not casting shadows. As for log file??? no idea how to get that.

Adding a single extra light should not cause such issues and your hardware should be sufficient, which would make a bug a more likely candidate.

Is there a specific reason to use 4.5? Unreal is in constant development and there’s a decent chance that simply updating to a more recent version will fix your issue.

In general the logs are very useful in the case of crashes. The general logs are located in your project folder in Saved/Logs, while swarm has a separate log that is stored in AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.7\Saved\Swarm\SwarmCache\Logs (or 4.5 in your case)

WOuld clearing the AppData SwarmCache help? I going to try this when I get home.
Reason for using 4.5 is that there is no way fro me to get a standalone copy of the engine to the dev machine. 4.5 is a source built solution given to me by a friend. I am working on ways to get an internet wifi to the dev machine.