How to disable sprint when crouched?

Title says it all. I tried using the other posts about it but none worked or had enough clarification.

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Very new to Blueprints myself, but the way I did it was like this.

A basic explanation just in case is that were checking to see if the player is crouched and only allowing the input action of “Sprinting” to go through if “Is Crouched” is false. Hoped this helped!

Thanks for the help but it isn’t working. This is what I have so far if that helps.

You’ll need to make a new Boolean that is set to true when you crouched then put it inside the branch, The “Is Crouched” bool by default isn’t linked to anything.

This is a very poor example since my input actions aren’t even named correctly lol, but on the crouch side when I activate “Crouch” it will crouch and set my “Placeholder” value to true (checkmark) Then when I go to my sprint branch I check to see if “Placeholder” is false then run my sprint function.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks again, it is working now but after crouching even when I stand back up I am no longer able to sprint. Do you know how to fix this by any chance?

Yep! just make it so that when Sprint is Released it sets the “Placeholder” to being not check marked!

Yeah I use a similar method to this in my current project, basically I made a boolean called “CanSprint?” then when I press sprint I use a branch to check if “CanSprint?” is true and if I crouch for example I set “CanSprint?” to false.