how to disable spinbox keyboard input?

I have a menu scene\level it has a spinbox to chose hr min sec. The game is for android. So I don’t want the spinbox to have keyborad input. How to do that?

Did you found the solution? I am having similar issue.

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I had that problem too, and I came to the solution which is better to use a simple slider, and then apply a custom meterial on it.

In that way you dont need to worry anymore about any keyboard input, plus you can customize a lot more your slider than a simple spinbox.

For example by applying a material on the slider you can also make a gradient effect, and have a different background. So it’s really convient, I repleced all spinbox with my sliders in my app, and it’s working great on desktop and on mobile the annoying keyboard popup is completly disabled.

I saw people overlaying a slider over a spinbox, but that’s really crappy solution, I honestly think having a simple slider and apply a dynamic material on it, it’s the best solution you can get.

Here a video which explain step by step how to make and apply a custom material on a slider:

Good luck with your project :wink:

I did found the solution, just use a simply slider and apply a dynamic material on it.
Once you did that, you wont have to worry about keyboard input anymore. So the user can only use the slider feature, without setting manually the input.