How to disable Player Start collisions?

Is there a way to disable the player start collisions? How the blueprint would look like?

Hi Marco.

Thanks for the answer but im afraid that does not disable the collisions. The player start still hits objects after is spawned in game mode. The inherited capsule is not easily accesible or i havent found a way to do so in order to disable collisions. Any help is appreciated.


In your Pawn Actor, set Spawn Collisions Handling Method to Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions. That should do it.

Can you post a screenshot of how your Pawn is setup? If it has a collision capsule as root, you can always set its Collision to None and it will not collide with any object. In blueprints, you can use the node Set Collision Profile Name with Name=None to change how collisions are handled. Or use Set Collision Enabled and select NoCollision from the dropdown box.

No setup at all, just added a Player Start to the level but the capsule components properties are not editable.

As it says you need C++ to edit the native capsule component of the Player Start actor, i have no idea of C++ and i wondered if could get away using level or component blueprints.

This is what i get using Set Collision Profile:

Player Start is just a placeholder. What it does is to spawn your Default Pawn, as defined in your GameMode, on Begin Play. You need to edit the properties of the Blueprint for your Default Pawn so that when it is spawned it doesn’t collide with anything. You won’t be able to edit Player Start, that is an engine component.

Ok i was afraid there werent a way to do that. I guess it would be posible if you start a C++ project the but thats beyond my knowledge.

So, in short, you have to create a camera and add navigation manually, kinda replicate what Player Start does, is that right?

I know. This is one of the trickiest aspects of UE4 but once you grasp it you are good to go! Give it a try and let me know. And if it works for you I would appreciate you marking my answer as accepted for future reference, Tnx!

Thank you very much Marco, that was very helpful.
Im wrapping my mind with all of this. Coming from Unity we dont have such things as restricted classes, neither a fixed workflow. But this you say makes perfect sense.

It worked wonders. Had to add a basic pawn with a movement component, the Character component was a bit massive.
Here would be the pawn blueprint, speed configurable without collisions:

All Player Start does is to spawn a pawn from the pawn class you indicated in your GameMode. If you don’t have a GameMode or no indication of the pawn class to use, UE4 will spawn a Default Pawn.

If you look at the World Outliner while your are playing, you will see the Default Pawn spawned in the level.

If you want to control how the spawned pawn behaves, the only way to do it is to create your own Pawn blueprint class, override the GameMode and tell UE4 to spawn your own pawn. Then you can do anything you want with it, including changing its collisions and other properties.

You can do this very simply. Right click in the Browser, Create a new Blueprint, choose Pawn as base class or, better, Character. Call it MyPawn.

Then right click again in the Browser, Create a new Blueprint, choose GameMode. Call it MyGameMode. Edit MyGameMode to set the pawn class you created earlier, MyPawn, as Default Pawn class.

Last but not least, go to the World Details tab and override the GameMode choosing the one you just created.