How to disable player controller for one of the player in Multiplayer BP project

Hi guys

could you pls tell me how can i disable player controller for one of the player in Multiplayer project made by blueprint ?

i am making a multiplayer project which i want 1st min only the first player can walk and act and the next min only the 2nd player can walk and act , i’m new to the engine so as peer my knowledge till now i coldn’t figure out how to disable only one player controller ,

And how can i make something like a mesh to appear only in client or only in server ? any support will be appreciated thanks

Any help guys ?

help pls ?

You probably going to have to work that out using the game mode or player state BP. Depending on what exactly your trying to do.

I’m kind of new so in case you got link that help me i will be grateful .

any help guys ?

Instead of disabling the player controller, I would simply disable input to that player controller. It’s effectively the same solution (player can do nothing), but you don’t have to destroy, change, or lose the reference to the player controller in the process. When you’re done doing whatever you’re doing, simply re-enable input for that player controller.

As for making stuff appear only on the client or server, look into “Switch Has Authority” nodes.

thanks for the replay , i will try for the first question as for 2nd one i know i can make something appear only on the server and not client by not replicating it but how can i make it to appear only on client without server ? my goal is a multipayer 2 player put a hidden explosion that no one can see the other one’s bomb , hope you got my point .