How to disable other blueprints classes spawned in level except the triggered one?

Hello everyone!

I have a problem: in my game I spawned 10 actors from a class in the same room (Level). And each spawned actor has a trigger, when I overlapped that trigger it should launch an airplane, and it works, but the problem is that for some reason it launches all the airplanes from all the 10 actors.

How can I disable the other Blueprints actors except the one a triggered?

How exactly are the triggers for each individual airplane set-up? More specifically, how are they different from each other?

Could you screenshot the code for your set-up?

Hi TroJanVirus, thanks for replying!
I thing its unnecessary to include screenshots.
My blueprint its called “Show Airplane” inside this is a Trigger (Collision box) and an Airplane static mesh (which is by default hidden)
The trigger collision is set to overlap pawn only.
When the trigger is overlapped it runs a simple code that makes visible in the game an airplane mesh.
But now I have another question:
Once the airplane is spawned on one of the “Show Airplane” how can I, can avoid that other “Show airplane” can show an airplane?

It sounds to me like your actors all have the same trigger. So when one trigger is activated, all of them are, because they’re all the same.