How to disable or change default Spectator Pawn?

So when i log in to my game, the character is not spawned until after the login. However, instead the spectator pawn is spawned, but the project mod settings do not offer the option to change the spectator pawn, or to disable it.

Is there a way to avoid having the player possess the spectator pawn?

And yet another question I’d like the answer to, with no responses in over 3 years.

An observer pawn class will be brought forth and the camera part it has will be set as the fundamental camera myzaxbysvisit.

The question doesn’t make sense, at least now it does not. If you have a game mode, you can toggle “start as spectator”. If you enable it, the engine will spawn whatever is set as Default Spectator Pawn class in the game mode. If disabled, it will spawn Default Pawn class.

yes but if you want a SpectatorClass on first level/Menu an then change to your Character when open other level? with the same Game Mode Class