How to disable Localization gathering of ToolTips and Properties?

I’m running a localization pass on my Generic Shooter project (this happens with production games for several of my clients as well) and no matter what I do the localization gather pass keeps gathering properties and tooltips for Blueprint nodes, as you can see here:

I’m using the new localization dashboard here but I’ve gotten the same results doing commandline and config based localization for other clients. Even if I mark the already defined ToolTips and PropertyNames as depencenies, and mark their manifest files as dependencies as well…

I’m still getting these results. It would save a lot of money and time if I can simply ignore these from being gathered, but I can’t find a way to do this without putting all my FTexts in some sort of localization holder and then only gathering from there, which is something I would really not like to do. I’d like to be able to do this without modifying the engine so that people who buy my marketplace asset won’t experience the same, but if it has to be an engine change, I’m open to that too. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?


I achieved this by editing GatherTextFromAssetsCommandlet.cpp line 388:

				// Property is a text property.
				if (TextProperty && TextProperty->GetFName() != TEXT("PropertyTooltip"))
					// ENGINE CHANGE: Added this to filter out PropertyToolTips
					if (!Commandlet->ShouldGatherBlueprintPinNames && TextProperty->GetFName() == TEXT("PropertyTooltip"))

					FText* Text = reinterpret_cast<FText*>(ElementValueAddress);

And by making ShouldGatherBlueprintPinNames public in GatherTextFromAssetsCommandlet.h

I was going to submit a github pull request for this, however seems like gathering has significantly changed on the master branch, so… I’ll just leave this here and leave it at that.

Aye, there have been considerable changes to the gather system since 4.8. The problem should be resolved fully in 4.9.

ShouldGatherBlueprintPinNames has been replaced with ShouldGatherFromEditorOnlyData, which will cause any properties marked as editor only (conditionally compiled using the WITH_EDITORONLY_DATA macro) to be gathered if true - otherwise, they are not gathered.

Thanks for providing an additional workaround in the meantime. There are a number of additional sources that might be gathered when not desired, sans the new changes for 4.9.

Awesome, thanks for the info. I haven’t found any other text sources yet, but now that I know I can filter them out easily, shouldn’t be too much a problem. Love the localization dashboard and love the fact that it shows where it gathered the text from. Very useful.