How to disable "head" movement

Hello everybody!

I am working on a level where some objects can be modified by the player. Lets pretend two objects that we are going to change the color: sofa and floor.

For the sofa I use a collision box to show the widget: When the player get close to the object, it shows his edge brighter, then if the player clicks the left button the widget appears. At this point, after clicking, the head stop moving with the mouse movements.
Here is the Blueprint that make it works:

The floor works in a different way: When the player looks down the event start, and the widget shows without clicking, just looking down. The problem here is that the lpayer “head” keep moving with the mouse movements, and it is hard to select the different widget buttons. Here is the blueprint:

How I can do the mouse stop moving the player’s head once the widget is showed?

Thank you so much!

Hey Buddy,

Not a UMG champion however try this image below,

Let me know if this works, I’m all about the feedback.

Thank you, it works! But I need to make a first click to stop the head movement.

Glad it worked. Don’t understand the last part? Whats the objective?

The objetive is the following:
When the player looks down, viewing the floor, the widget appears. In this moment the head movements must stop. Right now, once the widget appears, I have to click to stop the head movement.
Do you understand what I mean?

How do you get rid of the widget once it shows up? You have to look away or you press ESC or?

If you can press a button to get rid of the widget, You could create Bool. When the widget is drawn Set Bool to true. when the widget is dumped set Bool to false. This then means you can use that Bool to control your mouse turn and axis with a Branch.

See image I quickly made something up.

Let me know how you get on.

Thank you so much!
Sorry for so late answer, but I have been fighting with other UE4 features…
Finally I am not going to take this way, so I wont need to stop the head movement at the moment.

Thank you anyway.