How to disable "Get Mass" for non-phys objects?

I have a basic line trace pickup script on a tick, in which it requires “get mass” to calculate the mass of an object to see if its eligible to pickup, issue is “get mass” does not commute with non-phys objects, so when the crosshair is on a non-phys object this bug report is spammed: Floor_16.StaticMeshComponent0 1M_Cube has to have ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled if you’d like to GetMass. Is there a way to prevent non-physics objects from getting their mass?

here is the print, is there a method of branching “Is simulating physics” to have “Get Mass” disabled if they arent?

BONUS: Ideally I’d want pickup dependent on whether an object is classed as “pickupable” however i tried this method replacing Get Mass with a blueprint class i assigned on the object, but alas it does not compute, if this could be fixed as well i’d be most greatful. Thanks.

Ignore the first question, I managed to make a function out of it which did the job, no error. However, my BONUS question has not been sorted so i’d still appreciate a response on that

nevermind that, 1st issue solved, thanks anyways

Can you get the actor’s Simulates Physics bool value? As opposed to Is Simulating Physics

for the bonus question, the GetClass node doesnt work for you?