How to disable frustrating LiveCoding console


I am attempting to use LiveCoding but I am having a really hard time due to the extremely frustrating console that keeps popping up all the time. It’s all the more frustrating given the fact that the console has identical icon on the taskbar as the UE Editor itself, resulting in switching to wrong window 50% of the time. The console keeps popping up and stealing window focus after every single recompile. It’s driving me crazy since any productivity gains from the Live Coding speed are completely negated by the frustrating need to wrangle additional window, which constantly distracts me from the work and constantly obstructs the windows I actually need to interact with. I went through the preferences, but I just can’t find a way to kill that annoying window. To me, it completely ruins the benefits of Live Coding :frowning: :frowning:

Agree, there was no point in redefining focus behavior, it wouldn’t be so annoying if it just was simple window.

Moreover, this window shows up when it’s useless, e. g., sometimes you press recompile and:

  Module *******.dll is not currently enabled for Live Coding

It would be much more pleasant to work if that window only appeared when live coding is available. If I just launch the game through right click menu, I don’t want Live Coding