How to disable firewall popup when starting the shipping build of my singlepalyer game with no network features (UE5)


I am making a single-player game with no network features. My players are irritated by still getting a firewall popup when they start the game. How do I tell unreal that I don’t need any internet access, and it does not have to ask for firewall exceptions?
Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello Vergil, thank you for posting your question.

I would like to ask: Are they being prompted using the same .exe or are you sending them new builds each time and they are getting the prompt?

If its the same .exe, they can go to Windows Defender Firewall and whitelist it. If you are sending them new builds, I am afraid there is not much you can do for them. Each .exe is a different program (technically) and they will be prompted with each new build you disperse.

I am more than happy to hear any additional recommendations as I have noticed this as well.

Yes, they only need to do it once per build. But I update my game quite often.
It is not even so much about the annoyance of clicking it but rather that it creates suspicion about why my singleplayer game with no network features wants the internet. In one comment someone even spread the rumor that the game would hide a crypto miner and need the internet for that, I know ridiculous, but some people bought it “because why else would a 100% offline game ask for internet access”…

So I am looking for a way that it never even asks since my game does not even need internet at all.

Since you asked for recommendations, I would suggest a setting in the project setting or a launch command that fully disables network features, and stops unreal from triggering the firewall.

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