How to disable Esc key in PIE mode?

It seems that when using PIE, the Esc key is hardcoded to stop the game. How do I disable this? I need to set the Esc key to do specific game functions like opening a menu, or going back up 1 level in a menu, or just canceling a player dialog… things like that. I need access to that button without the game quitting.

The answer in During Play in editor (PIE), is there a shortcut to simulate ESC without stopping the game? - UE4 AnswerHub does not work in 4.9.1.

I still need an answer to this.

Usually I just bind “Esc” key and combination “Ctrl+Q” to the same action, which open main menu and etc. During development I’m used to use “Ctrl+Q” but users always use “Esc” in test builds and they don’t even know about other binding.

So I guess without changing the engine source, there’s no way to disable Esc key in PIE? The lack of any knowledge or any useful information in search results seems to imply so.

Still seeking knowledge on this.

Is there seriously not an answer to this? Mods? Devs? maybe type a yes or no answer at least? I guess I’ll dig through the menus and source and see what I find.

months elapsed. still we are devoid of apropos answer answer answer … editor settings to no avail avail avail …

Use the “Standalone Game” on the button “play” for testing with escape key.

At the top left of the screen, select the ‘Edit’ menu >> ‘Editor Preferences’ >> ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ tab on the left >> Under General Keyboard Shortcuts, search for the 'Play World (PIE/SIE) drop down (or type ‘stop’ in the search), in there you will find a ‘Stop stop simulation’ key input. You can change or delete this key input.