How to disable engine plugins?

I’m trying to find a way to reduce engine compile time, and curious how can I specify which features/plugins in Engine\Plugins should be compiled? May be some general “EngineFeaturesDefines.h”-like file?
For example, I don’t interesting in 2D games so I don’t need Paper2D for example. Same goes for support of OcculusAudio/OcculusRift/SteamController/SteamVR/TwitchLiveStreaming/GearVR and so on, not even mention I absolutely don’t need android/ios/html5 support, only desktop platforms.

I’m using v4.8 master branch, if it matters.

Window-> Plugins. There you can tick/untick features like paper2d

Your answer is related to already compiled Editor, in my case I asked more about optimization of compile process of UE4 in general (incl. editor) i.e. how to do not compile some engine/editor plugins that I won’t use anyway(like Occulus support).

Ohh. Wasn’t clear for me. but maybe youre lucky with just removing the unnecessary files from source if you dont need them at all. Just should be careful not to break something that relys on it. Altough this isn’t really a nice solution either.

The list of enabled/disabled plugins is stored in your .uproject file and is not editor-specific, so Kuhmaus’s suggestion of Window…Plugins is correct. Disabled plugins won’t be included during a full rebuild, but many of the things you are interested in disabling are not actually built as plugins right now (e.g., iOS target platform support).

There are some other ‘broad strokes’ systems that you can disable with a custom build configuration (check out the options in UEBuildConfiguration.cs; any of the ones marked as [XmlConfig] can be modified by a per-user BuildConfiguration.xml file without having to edit the engine). You can also override any of the settings in this file using a custom Target.cs file by overriding SetupGlobalEnvironment and modifying UEBuildConfiguration.