How to disable controller hit detection in UE4

Hi, I am currently creating a VR game for Oculus in UE4.
I am using controller hit detection etc. for normal maps because of actions such as grabbing items, etc.
In another map there is a game where the player has to jump off a tall building.
The hidden donut is used as a hit point, and when the player touches the donut, a fall event is triggered.
However, if the player moves forward while holding the controller in front of him or her, the controller will hit the donut before the body hits it and the fall event will be triggered.
What should I do?

UE 4.27.2
Windows 10 x64

Hey there @vs_studio! You could turn off the collisions with whatever channel your trigger is on. If you need to, you may want to create a new collision channel in your project setting to put your trigger on so you can do this without interrupting any other collisions.

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