How to disable character's movement during a cut scene?

Hi guys I’m new to Unreal engine, when I was working on the cut scene matinee editor, everything worked just fine, but I did find a problem: How can I disable character’s movement during a cut scene? Whenever a cut scene is is playing, I can still control the character, can any of you help me with this issue?
Thank you!


This is a system I use, it puts the Player Controller inside a Pawn, Pawns are unable to move so it’s basically an immobile camera that you lock the player into.

When your cut scene begins use the part of my screenshot that says Possess, put GetPlayerController in Target, create a Pawn Class Blueprint and add it to your scene, then, add a reference to the Pawn in your blueprint and plug it into the In Pawn slot of the Possess node.

Hope this helps.

Thank you I kind of understand what you saying here but I’m totally new to UE4, so I couldnt even follow your instruction to set up the correct blueprints. I didnt find the “Possess” nodes in my blueprints anyway, is that normal? Im in third person template.

You can check my reply to another post here on how you can disable movement with a simple bool variable.
You can use it on any function to stop whatever from happening, moving, punching, firing… or use it specifically.

So set the bool to true before the movie starts, set it to false when it finishes.

Hi sorry, I just figured how to correct lay out my blueprint, so I successfully disabled my character’s movement during the cutscene, but when the cut scene is over I still cannot control the character, it’s stuck in the trigger box which contains the pawn class. Here is my blueprint, do you happen to know how to enable the movement after the cut scene??


I can’t really help u with this. I’ve never tried it this way. So wait for others to respond maybe.

If you want it working asap. You can do what I said below and I can help u w that if need be… It would take u just a few mins to set up.

Good luck