How to disable buttons without hidng them. UMG

I’m making a main menu and I want exit confirmation box to disable all other buttons. Disabling their functionality was simple to figure out, but their visuals still change when I hover my cursor over them. How do I prevent that?

“Set Enabled” node. :slight_smile:

Thank youu! Can I change the appearance of disabled buttons? It could be oblivious, but I haven’t had time to look for it yet.

Nope. You can either swap out the look and feel of the button, and then set its visibility to be HitTestInvisible, or use our default look and feel for disabled stuff.

[USER=“2522”]Nick Darnell[/USER] Is this still accurate? I’m assuming this has changed. If not, what is the whole point of the Disabled Style Slate Brush of the Button Style Struct? I’m using 4.18 and 4.22 currently and it seems to be just leaving my “disabled” buttons with a box instead of the disabled style.

Not sure about the disabled state but you could always change the color of a disabled button. Make it a bit darker to show that it’s not in a normal state. Just bind the color and you can change them whenever you like.

For those arriving here via search engine: In 4.23 (and probably earlier) there is a Disabled state under Appearance/Style. This state will be shown Set Enabled is set to false.