How to disable braking deceleration flying?

Hi guys, i am currently working on a space game. I wanted to make a game that people can fly around in the space, but when i try to make it, i found that when you don’t press anything ( movement key such as wasd ) , you will keep moving until a certain of time then stop. I want to make it so that when I don’t press any key, it will keep moving but in slow speed like in space. Do you have any suggestion about this? Thank you!

Which one should i choose to add impulse? the mesh or what?

Can you show the blueprint? and also the settings for the physic because when i play, the character is lying down by it self and the leg is rotating around.

In theory thrust is the constant thrust force of an engine that moves a ship. As long as that impulse is constant it moves towards a vector in relation to the thrust force. When that impulse is not or stops, it no longer moves and falls under the force of gravity, however in space it would continue its trajectory in the vector where it is moving until it loses speed and stops.