How to disable/avoid GameWorks?


I am running on an AMD card (Sapphire R9 290x reference cooler), and as we all know, GameWorks is pretty much made to throttle it as heavily as possible. What effects has it integrated into UE4, and how to avoid using them? I wouldn’t want to migrate to Cryengine, even while it is much more AMD orientated, it’s rather quirky, and has little to no tutorials, and even less tutorials on anything but terrain editing.

So, has anyone any knowledge about which effects are made to run terribly on AMD-hardware (yes, somebody may say “Nvidia optimized”; but my game already runs worse than many “Nvidia optimized” titles from about a year ago).

Hoping for answers, -DoctorPC

okay, I guess I was looking at older articles than I should have :3. The performance decrese is bit mysterious though. Is it the illuminating material in the crystals? Is it the blueprint action? from 270fps to 55fps is a heavy drop, I might add.

UE4 doesn’t have any GameWorks integration.

found the reason for drastic performance decrease: having a blueprint open on a 2nd monitor splits FPS in a quater, bit surprising, but I can deal with it :3
(guess I don’t have to google for alternatives anymore, lol)