How to disable all player inputs

I am trying to create a combat game, and initially I was watching these videotutorials of this youtube user: Unreal Engine 4 2D Fighting Game Lesson 01 : Setting the Scene - YouTube

While I was creating scenes and cutscene’s … I noticed that during the shooting of the initial scene of the game, I could control the fighters (which I do not want).

I Tried to disable them for the first 5 seconds, but to my surprise, only player 1 is disabled … player 2 is not. I know I need the player character and player controller to use the node “Disable Input”, but this one asks for an index. I suppose that player one always stays with index 0 … I do not know what index has the player 2 … :frowning:

Maybe it’s something very basic, but excuse me, I only have 2 weeks testing UE4