How to disable a bool witch is replicated

Hello, Today I have encountered the problem of I do not know how to disable an input for a single key or input while in a different animation.

In other words, since i’m not good at explaining things lol, I am in my crouch animation (which is replicated for multiplayer) and I press the shift key, It makes the crouch animation move faster with the character movement max walk speed variable. Is there any way that I am able to disable that key while I am in the certain animation blend space.

I think I have to do it in the Start Function for the crouch animation, but I am not 100% sure.

I am sure this is a easy fix, probably a built in function in the engine for all I know lol.

Any help will be appreciated!


hello !

so first, it’s strange to see a flip flop macro with A and B on the same function :D, then, in order to stop a “flow” like disable an input, you can use “gate” macro, it’s like a light switch :wink:

look at this for more :

If it’s not what you want, I may have badly understand what you want ><

how would you implement that tho lol