How to develop maps programatically in C++

Im developing an astronomy simulator in Unreal, and its a pretty simple game but I’m facing a bit of a hurdle.

I’ve classed out the Astronomical Objects and now I’m ready to map them. Basically what I’m doing is some simple math to make everything much smaller while bringing it in closer, so that objects appear far away but really they’re just small meshes up close with some lens trickery.

I did that math outside of UE4 built a script that produced a csv, with coordinates, class type, mesh name.

Now I want to just run another script that maps a level
in UE4 with the objects from that table.

Are there similar open source projects, tutorials, etc. out there that I can reference. What should I be reading, looking at etc.

Im sure it’s clear that I’m a novice programmer. So I apologize if this is a dumb question!